Buy Generic Orlistat

Are you overweight? Well if you are, am very sure you may want to reduce your body weight. The good news is that, there is a medication called orlistat which is used to block the fat that you eat which can contribute to body overweight. It really works well in losing weight, when combined with low calories and doing a lot of exercises thoroughly. It assists from making the fat not to be absorbed by your body. Using this drug you can reduce the risk of gaining weight, also it can help to reduce a lot of calories from your body.

Buy Generic Orlistat

Buy Generic Orlistat

Nowadays, as we all know that big percentage of people in the world are suffering from some serious condition. These disorders which are contributed by gaining a lot of weight are like heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and cancer.


It’s good first to consult doctor before using this drug, because he/she will prescribe for you and direct you on how to use. This medication is taken 3 times per day with your daily meal that has some fat. You can also take it 1 hour consuming your normal meal. It’s recommended by doctor that, if you will skip your meal, you can also skip taking this medicine.


This drug comes as a capsules. It has 120mg which must be taken orally 3 times a day. When taking it you must make sure you swallow it with your main meal which has fat. Also you can take it I hour after finishing your meals which has fat. If your meal has no fat don’t take it. If you have missed a dose take it immediately after you have remembered.


The following are the side effects which may occur after taking orlistat;

• Stomach pain
• Serious headache
• Anxiety
• Irregular periods
• Greasy and loose stool
• Oily spotting on your inner wears
• Brown colored oil in stool
• Oily discharge
• Nausea
• Rectal pain
• Loss of appetite
• Dark urine


Nowadays technology has turned everything digital, so you can buy a product without going for if physically. This drug is available in pharmacies and chemists. They have their own websites where you can access what you need to buy. But it’s good you consult doctor first for prescription of this drug. After getting prescription you can order them online from a pharmacy, then after payment they will deliver to you free, or they can organize for delivery.


This drug has a generic and brand name, the brand name is Xenical and generic name is orlistat. What is different is the manufacturing company, but they works the same because they have some ingredients.


If you need more information about losing your weight don’t hesitate to access orlistat drug. You can use several search engine like google to search about this medication. Internet has more information on how this drug works, and also directs you on how to use it safely.

John Rogers

I am a doctor from Melbourne, VIC.

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7 Responses

  1. Dylan Ramsay says:

    My adventure with weight reduction has been a serious exciting ride. At first I was pummeled a lot for my weight issues. Each and every other individual around me use to troll me to the degree when I really began confining myself structure each one else. Be that as it may, at that point I thought this isn’t occurring. I won’t let individuals influence me to such an extent. I spurred myself and began accomplishing little things to decrease weight. In initial barely any months itself I figured out how to lessen 5 kg with legitimate eating fewer carbs and working out. This helped me a great deal to make my body adaptable. I didn’t spent single penny on any dietitian, simply did a smidgen of research on the web and it was sufficient for me. Additionally alongside the activity and diet appropriate your body likewise requires a decent measure of rest.

  2. Declan Brown says:

    I have trying to loos weight for sometime now until I got the right information about weight loss.
    I tried cutting my calories intake but it didn’t work for me.
    Then, someone taught me about fruit fasting.
    I tried it and it worked perfectly for me.
    What I do is that I take only fruits four days every week and do my regular workouts.
    I was 85kg in August and now 75kg at October 30.

  3. Michael Harvey says:

    Stop all those aches and pains!! Do your body and heart a favor and live a healthier longer and pain free life.
    I have lost 20 lbs by going on a low sugar and low processed flours diet and it WORKS!!
    Eat all the meats chicken fish vegetables that you love. Drink all the sugar free drinks that you crave.
    Eat less bread and flour products and watch the aches and pains DISAPPEAR PLUS LOSE weight!

  4. Louis Whitford says:

    I was never the thin kid. My sister was like a rail growing up, but I was always the chubby one, and constantly seeing someone else who never struggled to be thin put me down. I had zero confidence. It got to a point where I was extremely unconscious as a young adult. After getting laid off from a job in my 20s, I decided to finally quit complaining and do something about it. Now finding myself with a little extra time, I bought a treadmill, tracked what I ate and the calories behind it. I decided that if I lost weight, it would be great, but most importantly, I wanted to be healthier. I wanted to feel better. Slowly but surely, sticking to eating less calories and exercising, the weight came off. I ended up losing 30 pounds in total. I felt so accomplished; something that I thought I could never do, a body I thought I could never achieve, was now a reality.

  5. Seth Robbinson says:

    I have never necessarily been one to look for weight loss options, but now that I have recently finished a bulk I’ve never had to cut down my weight before and I’ve been trying to figure out ways to meet my calorie counts better, because weight loss seems to be a little bit harder for me than weight gain.

  6. Marcus James says:

    If you want to loose weight quickly, try intermittent fasting. I had a huge amount of success simply but skipping one meal a day, not drinking beer, and exercising.

  7. James Ryan says:

    I lost 15 lbs in 3 month to hit my goal weight. It was not easy, but I have a better lifestyle now for it. Eating right and exercising is all I did. I did not need to do any special trend diet. You just need to commit and be consistent.

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