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Orlistat is reversible inhibitor of the enzyme lipase. Show active drug therapy in heart stomach and small intestine by creating a covalent link at position serine lipase activity of the stomach and pancreas. In activated lipase should lose the ability to hydrolyze dietary fat in form of triglycerides into free fatty acids and absorbed monoglyceride. The undigested triglycerides are not absorbed, resulting in a shortage of calories, is effective in controlling body weight. Therefore, the absorption of the drug into the body is not necessary for the activity of the drug.

Orlistat Dosage

Dose of orlistat 60 mg 3 times/day is considered to prevent the absorption of fat in the diet is about 25%. At therapeutic dose of 120 mg 3 times/day, orlistat inhibits the absorption of fat in the diet is about 30%.

The effect of orlistat cause increased fat in the stools were seen after 24-48 hours of drinking. When you stop using, the amount of fat in the stool back to pretreatment levels usually within 48-72 hours.

Weight loss drug Orlistat STADA not prevent cravings, do not affect the brain, affect only in the intestine, preventing 25-30% absorption of the fat you eat.
Orlistat 60 mg for 2 doses and 120 mg FDA for weight loss. According to data from studies designed to FDA on 1351 obese patients (BMI >= 30kg/m2) diet for 4 weeks randomly divided into 2 groups: used together with diet and orlistat group uses only mode diet. After 52 weeks, using orlistat group lost more weight than the other groups, although the same diet. Therefore, you can reduce 3 kg if used together with diet Orlistat.
Besides, while using the flexible, depending on the current condition of the user. When you reach the desired weight, you can stop and continue to use Orlistat diet, exercise. This helps you maintain your weight at an ideal physique. If you have gained weight back, you can continue to use the product.

With a locking effect in digestive enzymes Orlistat helps obese people are twice as many weight reduction compared to the other diet. In addition, the drug also helps prevent your body from absorbing fat consumed 1/3

Result of trials in Australia in more than 15000 people with obesity, including both ,men and women, the results are very positive:

  • Only 7 weeks after taking Orlistat, most of the patients were reduced by 11% or decreased body weight 11 kg.
  • 15% sugar and 14% of the cholesterol in the body.
  • Blood pressure decreased by 18%.
  • These data were presented at the 11th European Conference on Obesity, held in Vienna.

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Side effects:

Common side effects during treatment with orlistat were reported gastrointestinal disorder include feeling than bowel and uncontrolled defecation, flatulence and stool fat. These symptoms can be minimized by limiting the amount of fat in the diet.

Explaining the causes of adverse event:
Orlistat make fat not be absorbed and is excreted in fact in the feces. So if you are using orlistat and oily food, some fat will lubricate the colon and makes defecation becomes easier. For some people, this may cause changes in the bowel.


Diet and exercise are an important part of a weight loss program. Advised to start a diet program and exercise before starting treatment with Orlistat STADA.
While taking drug, the patient should take balanced diet nutrition and reduced calories lighter, contains about 30% of calories from fat. Should be distributed fat, carbohydrate and protein intake of 3 daily meals.
Program should continue dieting and exercising after discontinuation of treatment with Orlistat STADA
The safety and effectiveness of drugs used in the 4 years has not been evaluated.

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