Buy Orlistat over counter

Do you know what orlistat is? Well, if you answer is no then you are in the right place. This is simply a type of medicine that is used to reduce weight. It is normally used by adults. There is important information to know about this medicine. If you are in a dilemma, then this article will give you a simple and easy info about it. You may want to know how to use it or where to buy it.
Here is the information about this medication

Buy Orlistat over counter

Buy Orlistat over counter

How to use orlistat
1. This type of medication shouldn’t be used by pregnant women even if they are overweight.
2. Another important point to note is that one should not take this drug if he or she is allergic to it.
3. Those people who suffer from these diseases should also avoid taking this medicine:
• Kidney diseases or kidney stones

• Problems with gallbladder
• Being unable to absorb food

• Diabetes either type 1 or 2
• Eating disorder like bulimia

4. Follow the doctor’s instructions when using this drug and ensure that you don’t skip the dosage. You should not overdose the best thing to do is to take as directed for effective results.
5. This medicine should not be given to children the recommendable age is 18 years old (adult). It should be kept away from children.
6. Do not share the medicine with another person and the drug should be kept at room temperature.
7. The medicine should be taken thrice in a day and you can take it either after or before a meal.
8. Avoid taking the drug together with food that is rich in high fat.

Dosage It is recommendable to use the proper dosage as directed by the physician or a doctor. In case you overdose, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Take your drugs as scheduled and try not to miss the dose if you want it to work effectively.
Orlistat Side effects

There’re a number of side effects associated with the use of this drug. If you have the following signs after using the medicine, it is important to seek medical attention:

• Lower back pain

• Pain while urinating or blood in urine

• Problems in your kidney

• Liver problems

• Other problems such as breathing problems, swelling face, feet and lips.
The most common side effects are:
• Oily stools

• Too much gas and a discharge that is oily

• Increase in bowel movement

The above list is not complete, you may experience other side effects and it is important to seek advice from a doctor.
How to buy orlistat online

It is very easy to buy the medication online. All you need is to search for online physicians that offer this drug. You will be able to purchase it according to the prices as they are clearly indicated. Once you purchase, there are means to deliver them to you without delays.

Generic and brands of orlistat

The generic and brand name of this drug vary. The common brand name is Alli or Xenical while the generic name is orlistat. The generic medication has active ingredient and is much affordable as they have low prices.

Orlistat online
This drug is readily available online with unbeatable prices. You can easily buy it in Australia if you live there.

The above important information will be of help to you. The most amazing thing is that it is useful in weight loss management. If you are overweight and you want to reduce, you can simply use this medication. Now you have all its information at hand.

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I am a doctor from Melbourne, VIC.

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