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Orlistat is a drug employed in the treatment of obesity, which is a disorder that involved weight that is considerably above normal levels that affects millions of individuals around the world. Although Orlistat is not a substitute for a healthy, low-fat diet and exercise, it can contribute to reduction in weight if combined with the above mentioned weight loss methods. This medication is included in a class of drugs known as statins, which interfere with the absorption of fats from your meals. It is highly recommended to take Orlistat or other statins only after a medical evaluation performed by your physician and to avoid self treatment. In some cases, your doctor may consider that a diet with less fat or regular physical exercise may be enough to achieve weight loss. In other cases, Orlistat may be prescribed as an addition to your lifestyle changes.

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Orlistat is not a magical pill for obesity. Although is it helpful in reducing in weight to some degree, it will not work overnight and you are unlikely to achieve considerable results if you keep eating a high-fat diet and you lead a sedentary (you do not engage in physical work or exercise) life. This drug works by inhibiting an enzyme that is found in your pancreas called lipase. This enzyme helps with the absorption of fats from food that you eat, and it is released from the pancreas after meals. Orlistat inhibits the activity of pancreatic lipase so the result consists in less fat being absorbed from your food and more being excreted as waste through feces. By reducing the absorption of fat, Orlistat can also decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes in people suffering from obesity since these two medical disorders are closely linked.
If you want to emerge as the winner in your battle against obesity you have to make changes to your diet and to become more active. These two components are the most important weapons you have if you want to achieve a normal weight and reduce the risk of diseases that co-exist with obesity, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and heart disease. Your doctor will advise you on the changes you need to make to your lifestyle, such as consuming low-fat products. You can find lots of recipes of tasty meals that are low in fat online or be seeking the advice of your doctor. Educating yourself about a healthy, low-fat, low-calorie diet is the most effective remedy for your excessive weight. Orlistat can be a good additive to your obesity treatment plan if your physician recommends it. This drug has been tested and is considered safe, but do not hesitate to report any side effects you may have, such as diarrhea or other abdominal discomfort to your doctor. Individuals who suffer from pancreatic or liver disease should not take Orlistat unless their health is assessed by a medical expert.

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Orlistat in Australia can be purchased in pharmacies and online, and it has helped a considerable number of individuals in their weight loss goals. However, be sure to discuss your intention to use Orlistat with your doctor so that he or she can monitor your treatment.

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