In recent years there has been a notorious and annoying ‘thing’ that has been haunting our lives in every aspect. This ‘thing’ as I call is weight gaining or in extreme cases, obesity. Now, obesity is a clinical or medical condition, which involves the accumulation of fats in the body to the extent in which this excess body fat has a negative effect on the health of the body. This has, in most cases caused the people affected to be desperate in trying to get rid of this unwanted yet dangerous ailment. Be it working out or dieting or even going the extent of taking pills, people will do what it takes to have their bodies in good shape to appeal to their social relationships and at the same time stay healthy.

When it comes to using pills to reduce overweight or obesity I recommend orlistat. Now, orlistat is a medication that helps eradicate obesity. If I may take a glance in the science behind it, orlistat is designed to inhibit the enzyme that breaks down fat in the body therefore causing the fat not to be absorbed in the body but to be discarded out of the body. Nevertheless, before taking orlistat you have to consult a medical expert to guide you through on how to do it.

Even though this pill has, its major advantage of treating obesity it has its down sides. The orlistat mostly affects your bowel movements (BM). Some of these side effects are just a normal occurrence according to your medication and prescription, are not as serious, and should go away after a few weeks into your medication.

For one it changes your normal bowel functions, which is because of the unabsorbed fat, discarded from the body. You may experience this by having oily droppings, fatty and oily stool, feeling the urges of having bowel movements frequently, poor bowel control and a heightened number of bowel movement.

Other side effects can however be serious and you should be alarmed if either of the following gets to you to seek immediate medical of these serious side effects are allergic reactions. Some of these allergic reactions for instance are itching of the skin, rashes, swelling of the throat which causes a great deal of difficult when you are swallowing and drinking, swelling of the face and tongue, severe dizziness and difficulty in breathing which quite plainly shows how deadly these side effects can be.You may as well experience sharp abdominal pain and discomfort, be prone to liver diseases and suffer from kidney stones. Consequently, you may have vomiting problems, changes in the menstrual cycle, nausea and consistent tire of the body, change in the skin and color that later develops to a yellow discoloration, discharge of dark colored urine, light colored droppings and hives. Mind you, these side effects might be rare depending from person to person but are not to be taken lightly and make sure you consult your medical adviser to get the necessary help.

John Rogers

I am a doctor from Melbourne, VIC.

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