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Orlistat is a medication that is used by overweight or obese patients to lose weight. It is ideal for individuals who are also suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It is mainly use with low-calorie foods. It inhibits action of some enzymes within your digestive system that digest fat. This drug is classified under class of medications known as lipase inhibitors. Orlistat is the generic name while its brand manes are Alli and Xenical.

How to use Orlistat

It can be used as a nonprescription or prescription drug. Orlistat capsule is taken three times in a day alongside the main meals that contain fat. The patient is required to take it during meals or up to 60 minutes after meals. In case you skip your meal or if the meal does not contain fat, then you can skip the drug. However, you should follow instruction on the package label or prescription label carefully. You should inquire from your pharmacist or your doctor for directions in case you do not understand any part.

Buy Orlistat online

Buy Orlistat online

Does Orlistat have any side effects on your health?

Like most drugs, this medication can have side effects on the patients. The most common being fluctuations in bowel movement. This effect is experienced during the first few weeks of use. Sometimes it can continue for its entire use. In case the following symptoms continues or are severe, you should tell your doctor.

· If your stool is loose, fatty or oily

· Pain within your stomach

· If the number of your bowel movement increases

· I it becomes difficult to control your bowel movements

· Appearance of oily spots in your clothing or underwear

· Other effects include anxiety, stomach pain, headache, irregular menstrual periods and discomfort or pain in your rectum

Other side effects are vital and should be reported immediately. These include: itching, hives, breathing or swallowing difficulties, rash, nausea, lack of appetite, vomiting, light-colored stool, yellowing in your eyes or on your skin, pain in your upper right area of your stomach.

Orlistat is most used as a prescription drug. But you can buy it online where you will be needed to enter your specific details such as age, height, if you are diabetic and the type of diabetes if yes, if you suffer from high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Body mass index is the main factor used to determine if you can use it. Its online prices may vary depending where you are buying and if you are buying generic or brand medicines. Generally, the price of a pill is around $1.

For safety reasons, people with the following issues are not allowed to take it

· Pregnant or breast feeding women

· If you are suffering from cholestasis

· If you have malabsorption syndrome

· Anybody the 18 years old

· Tell your doctor if there are any other medications or supplements you are taking

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