XENICAL (ORLISTAT) So what is Xenical?

Well, sometimes referred to as Orlistat or simply as tetrahydrolipstatin, Xenical is a drug and a prescription medication that acts as a gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor, to inhibit the absorption of dietary fats into the body in the bid to control and to treat obesity. Basically, Orlistat is marketed under the trade name Xenical, simply because Xenical contains Orlistat, a compound that blocks the breakdown, the digestion and the absorption of fats by the body hence considerably helping overweight people to lose and to keep their excess weight off and in check. After all, managing your own weight can be that stressing and frustrating that getting help from such drugs can be of great essence. However, to ensure that you are liable to use this drug it important that your doctor determines your body mass index to see if you have a BMI of at least 30 or above while having a weight that is 30 % above your ideal weight. He also needs to check if you have other risk factors such as high blood pressure, affected by diabetes or you simply have a high cholesterol level.That way, you will then be prescribed this drug.

Since Orlistat, is just but part of the complete program of treatment that also comprises of exercise, proper diet and weight control procedures, Xenical will therefore be used in combination with reduced calorie diet and exercise programs to help promote a speedy loss of weight. Thus, based on a number of scientific studies, the average weight loss that is achieved when this drug is used alongside additional lifestyle modification such as diet and exercise for a span of about six months to almost one year will be about 2 to 3 kgs. Like stated, Orlistat is used to remedy conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes or excess blood cholesterol. Plus, to use this medication, you need a prescription from your doctor, from your pharmacist or as directed on the label to determine the right dosage and if indeed the this drug is suitable for you.

Buy generic Orlistat in Australia

Buy generic Orlistat in Australia

It is important to take Xenical during or within 1 hour after every meal that contains some fats while also ensuring that you take this drug at least 3 times per day. However, if you take a meal that do not contain any fat then it is advisable that you skip your dose for that meal. It is therefore very important that you pay attention to the contents and the details of what you ingest. If your doctor decides that yo also take vitamin supplements together with Xenical, then it is important that you take them 2hour before or after you take Orlistat and ensure that you always take your missed dose as soon as you recall, although not more than an hour after eating your meal.

Nonetheless, this drug may as well pose some serious side effects. So it is important that you stop using it as soon as you experience the following side effects:

  1. Severe pain in your lower back.
  2. Blood in your Urine.
  3. Urinating less than your usual routine.
  4. Feeling drowsy, confused, an increased thirst and mood swings.
  5. Swelling , weight gain or simply feeling short of your breath.
  6. Severe pain in your upper stomach, nausea to vomiting.

Although, this medication is best used under the prescription of a doctor, in places such as the United states, Australia and in Europe certain formulations of this drug Orlistat have always been approved for sale without prescription.While in some other countries such as Iran to Russia, India and so forth, generic brand names such as Orlean to Vyfat, Obelit or Orlica and Reeshape as well as Orsoten Slim, Cuvarlix and many more are available in the market as the generic brand names of Orlistat to be used for medication.Therefore, to purchase this product, one need to purchase it online from authorized and legitimate online stores at a relatively fair cost,that is depending on whether you are buying the generic Orlistat or the branded Xenical. Whereby the branded Xenical is usually more costly that the generic Orlistat in Australia.

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